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Please complete the following fields to generate an inspection quote for your needs. From the selected list, you can view the various fees, inspector's bios/experience, credentials and more. You can also book your inspection real time, and at a time that suits you. Check out/payment can take place either at the inspection or online now as part of your scheduling process through PayPal. Good luck and choose your inspection with confidence.
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120 days Warranty with Seller Inspection Book your buyer's inspection through Inspectorocity and receive a 90-day home warranty! Sellers requesting pre-listing inspections can receive a 120-day home warranty which will cover you through the listing period! This warranty is exclusively offered through Inspectorocity. Book today and get the peace of mind you deserve! 90 days Warranty with Buyer Inspection
"...I love how AmeriPro Inspection Corporation allows me access to their system. I can see all my clients, their inspection reports, and so much more. Most of all though it allows me to give my clients the inspection fee information without having to call the office. This is really important at weekends and evenings especially when short listing inspection companies. I get sometimes inpatient when answering those same questions so many times from inspection companies when trying to get a quote of scheduling an inspection! I get an email notification when the report is ready and so do my clients, it is great! I even have an assistant log in! My clients love it too. They get to arrange schedules for the most part real time and always have access to their report online.
AmeriPro's System has saved my office so much time in scheduling, chasing reports and much more. This is a great tool today for any agent trying to manage their time better. Finally as a disclaimer, I do give my clients three inspection company names, but for the most part, almost all my clients choose AmeriPro. The feedback I get is based on the transparency of their company and the trust and confidence they provide through themselves and their online systems.....Thank you AmeriPro..."
From an inspection company perspective, we get leads daily. Just join you link to your web site and see how many leads you get from not just curious prospects trying to find out how much you charge, but also agents and direct referrals to your inspection company. They may not all book online but you certainly get the lead immediate to finalize the deal. We still have our application interconnected to over 300 marketing web sites, in addition to our certified pre owned listing and others. This exposure to you is priceless. The cost of the application is almost the cost of a good advertisement for the entire year! But you get so much more. To take a demo of the application click Best Wises All at Inspection Depot
Susan Kennedy, Vanguard Realty, GMAC Real Estate
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